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Witness Skills

How to present evidence with confidence. For witnesses, giving evidence can be a nerve-wracking and intimidating experience. A poor performance in the witness box can have serious consequences, including damaging the credibility of their evidence and negatively impacting their case. To minimise these risks, witnesses can benefit from witness skills training.

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La Touche Training is the top provider of Witness Skills training in Ireland. Our training sessions are designed to help witnesses prepare for a variety of legal proceedings, including arbitrations, civil, criminal and family courts, oral hearings, Inquests, tribunals, select committees and inquiries. We provide witnesses with a comprehensive understanding of the relevant forum’s practice and procedure, the process of giving evidence, and how to handle the adversarial or inquisitorial nature of legal proceedings. Our training also includes role-play exercises, which improve communication and greatly increase witness confidence.

La Touche Training’s Witness Skills sessions will:

Mitigate against risk of poor performance in the witness box,

Thoroughly prepare witnesses for their appearance in a hearing,

Demystify the relevant forum’s practice and procedure,

Eliminate the effects of nervousness or over-confidence.

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