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The Importance of Objectivity: How to Spot and Manage the Influence of Unconscious Bias

Essential skills January 31, 2023

As we look forward to the 7th edition of the ‘Regulatory Investigations Conference’ (Register to attend online: March 9th & 10th), we are grateful to gain an insight from one of our distinguished speakers, Ms. Caroline Conroy.

At The Regulatory Investigations Conference 2023, industry expert, Caroline Conroy will focus on:

The Importance of Objectivity (How to Spot and Manage the Influence of Unconscious Bias)

By definition, an investigation should be an unbiased search for the facts of what happened. Many investigators take particular pride in their unbiased approach to investigations. In reality, investigators are susceptible to both conscious and unconscious bias. Better awareness of how implicit bias can impact an investigation is crucial to ensuring the investigation is comprehensive, balanced, objective and fair.
The truth is though that we all have biases – and they can subtly interfere with the outcome of an  investigation. To avoid this, investigators must recognise that being human, they have implicit biases.  Awareness is the first step toward ensuring that they do not impact the results of the investigation. But awareness is only the first step.  To ensure their investigations are untainted by bias, investigators also need to be familiar with the tools that assist to manage and avoid the influence of bias on their work.
This conference presentation will examine how failure to recognise and manage the impact of unconscious bias can undermine an investigation and cover:

  • knowledge and awareness of the meaning of ‘bias’ and ‘unconscious bias’,
  • knowledge and awareness of the different types of unconscious biases that may hinder good investigation,
  • understanding of the impact of unconscious biases and how they may negatively affect an investigation,
  • knowledge of how investigators can become more aware of their unconscious biases,
  • guidance on strategies and behaviours to mitigate/avoid unconscious biases.

La Touche Training’s 2023 Regulatory Investigations Conference has been designed for those working in the field of regulation: criminal, civil or professional.
Join Caroline along with a host of other industry experts, including the Director of Governance & Support Operations with the Corporate Enforcement Authority, Sharon Sterrit by visiting our event page below:

The Regulatory Investigations Conference 2023
Live & Online: Thursday March 9th & Friday March 10th
6 General CPD Hours

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