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Solicitor Update: 2024 CPD Cycle

CPD for Lawyers January 23, 2024

All solicitors in Ireland are advised to familiarise themselves with the changes introduced by the Law Society of Ireland for the 2024 cycle, an overview of these changes can be seen below:

  • Solicitors must complete 25 hours of CPD;
  • Up to 80% (twenty hours) may be undertaken online;
  • At least 20% (five hours) must be undertaken in-person (Group Study);
  • At least 3 hours shall be in the category of Client Care and Professional Standards;
  • At least 5 hours shall be in the category of Professional Development and Solicitor Wellbeing;

Please note that for 2024, a minimum of 5 hours must be completed face-to-face / in-person within the year rather than fully online. To read the changes in full, please refer to La Touche Training’s CPD for lawyers FAQ section.

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