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Learning & Development for Local Authorities

Local Authorities in Ireland August 29, 2023

La Touche Training offers specific legal training for government bodies and local authorities.

Would you like to improve the quality of your or your team’s reports, investigations or job performance? Are you having issues understanding where you stand in terms of doing your job because of certain regulations or legislation? Do you want your findings to stand up better to scrutiny, increase successful outcomes and reduce appeals and losses?

La Touche Training have over three decades of experience in training local authority staff from every local government body in the country. We offer a wide variety of in-house legal training courses, tailored to the exact roles and functions of local government professionals.

Our panel of trainers are highly trained experienced lawyers who understand the particular issues, concerns and challenges facing local authority staff and the skills they require to carry out their work effectively.

We have migrated our courses during the pandemic and now offer a virtual learning delivery option as well as face to face engagements. We do in-house training for groups from a specific local authority as well as public dates for individuals to sign up to from across different authorities.

We have partnered with the LASNTG and through the regional training centres offer in-house courses such as the below under their framework.

These courses are open to funding applications from the LASNTG:

  • Accident Investigations
  • Preparing and Responding to a Serious Incident
  • Courtroom skills
  • Aggressive Behaviour: how to manage it effectively
  • Evidence Gathering for Local Authorities Waste Operatives
  • Waste Enforcement: Investigations and Prosecution
  • Environmental Enforcement & Investigation Skills
  • Environmental Inspection Skills
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Litter Warden training
LASNTG CodeCourse Title
699Environmental Inspection Skills
1513Environmental Legislation
7063Litter Warden Training
7174Courtroom Skills
7208Aggressive Behaviour – Environmental
7210Preparing and Responding to a Serious Incident
7227Evidence Gathering for LA Waste Operatives
7261Accident Investigations
7242Waste Enforcement – Investigation and Prosecution

Our Expert Witness, Report Writing, Accident Investigations & Employment Investigations trainings are accredited by Engineers Ireland.

If you have any training needs relating to preparing case files and reports or understanding specific regulations and their scope for enforcement across a local authority department then please reach out for a conversation today.

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Mark Cassidy, Training Consultant for Local Authorities, La Touche Training

Email: | Tel: 01 878 8265

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