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La Touche Training: Shortlisted for Legal Excellence at the Irish Law Awards 2024

CPD for Lawyers June 11, 2024

We are truly delighted to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for the esteemed Best Service Provider to the Legal Profession category at the upcoming Irish Law Awards 2024. Set against the backdrop of Dublin’s Convention Centre on Friday, June 14th, this recognition underscores La Touche Training’s unwavering commitment to fostering professional development within Ireland’s legal community.

La Touche Training is dedicated to empowering legal practitioners through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Led by Barbara Joyce, Solicitor and Head of Continuing Professional Development, the company has been a key player in providing tailored CPD seminars crafted specifically for solicitors, barristers, and legal professionals across Ireland for many years.

One of the distinguishing features of La Touche Training is its wide range of CPD offerings, catering to a spectrum of legal disciplines and professional development needs. From comprehensive sessions covering substantive law areas like conveyancing and family law to specialised modules on solicitor well-being and professional standards, La Touche Training ensures that practitioners at every stage of their careers find pertinent and enriching educational opportunities.

Another thing that sets us apart is our choice of speakers, comprising leading solicitors, renowned barristers, distinguished senior counsels, and even judges from the Superior Courts. By learning directly from these legal experts, participants gain invaluable insights and practical nuggets to apply in their practice.

Acknowledging the busy schedules of legal professionals, La Touche Training embraces a flexible and accessible approach to learning. Through a blend of online seminars via Zoom and in-person gatherings, such as the annual legal CPD event in December, practitioners can tailor their learning experiences to align with their preferences and obligations.

Embracing innovation, La Touche Training also recently unveiled its cutting-edge e-learning platform to improve the CPD webinars user experience. Boasting interactive modules and mobile-friendly design, this platform offers a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

With a legacy of innovation, inclusivity, and client-centricity, La Touche Training continues to raise the bar for legal CPD provision in Ireland, setting a benchmark for excellence that resonates throughout the legal community.

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