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Expert Witness Training

Looking to become an expert witness? Our expert witness courses are designed to help you develop the expertise and confidence needed to excel in the courtroom.

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Learn how to present evidence in court

Expert witnesses are crucial in Ireland's legal system, providing valuable insights and evidence to help judges and juries make informed decisions.

Many experts are skilled in their field of expertise but lack a full understanding of their role and duties, the skills to write first class reports for court and give evidence confidently, particularly when vigorously challenged on their findings.

The recent Court of Appeal decision in Duffy v Brendan McGee 2022 again highlighted the duties and responsibilities of expert witnesses. The judgment of Collins J noted that, far too often, expert witnesses appear to fundamentally misunderstand their role and wrongly regard themselves as advocates for the cause of the party by whom they have been retained.

To become an effective expert witness, it's important to learn how present evidence with confidence and develop skills in report writing, courtroom presentation and cross examination. Our courses can help you hone these skills and become a more effective expert witness.

Our legal training programmes for Expert Witnesses will give you the skills and confidence to:

Understand your role and duties as an Expert Witness referencing recent case law in the area,

Produce well-structured court-compliant reports and statements,

Give effective oral evidence,

Understand the relevant law and your duties to the court,

Establish clear terms and conditions with instructing lawyers,

Assist the court with your expertise,

Enhance your evidence giving skills,

Increase your confidence as an expert witness.

Yvonne Leahy

Marine Ecologist, NPWS

Excellent constructive course

I am now clear on what my role is, what the limits of my role are and how I can deter questions which are not within my remit to answer.

Adam Coffey

Executive Engineer, Tipperary County Council

The course was excellent and very well presented.

I enjoyed the learning and look forward to using it in future.

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