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Waste Enforcement: Investigation & Prosecution

Essential legal training for waste enforcement officers

Online / In Person
2 days
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About this course

Despite increased public awareness about appropriate recycling and waste management, waste enforcement is still a significant issue. The introduction of waste collection charges and the reduction in number of open municipal waste landfills has contributed to some of the classic waste enforcement issues, like illegal dumping and burning waste. This continues to be of considerable concern to Local Authorities due to the huge environmental harm and clean- up costs. Local authorities are responsible for investigating these waste crimes and for taking appropriate enforcement action.

This 2-day legal training course is designed to provide Waste Enforcement professionals with a clear insight into the legal framework in which they work. Attendees will learn from qualified lawyers about their powers, the court system and the prosecution process. They will gain an understanding of governing legislation, how to collect evidence, prepare a file for the prosecution and how to present confident credible/reliable evidence in court. Attendees will also learn investigative interview techniques and experience a realistic investigative interview role play.

Why Choose This Course

This course provides waste enforcement staff with the knowledge, skills and expertise to carry out waste enforcement investigations including the following:

How to set up and run an investigation from start to finish.

Powers in accordance with the governing legislation.

Collecting evidence, documenting findings and presenting evidence in court.

Course Syllabus

This training will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge of the practical application of the relevant waste legislation,
  • Prepare files for prosecution to indictable level,
  • Efficiently gather evidence including physical evidence and photographs,
  • Conduct an interview under caution with due regard to Human Rights and Constitutional protections,
  • Prepare statements and exhibits,
  • Prepare a file for the Local Authority, solicitor or for the DPP,
  • Confidently manage cases.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a litter warden / waste enforcement professional,
  • Fully understand how to implement waste environmental legislation,
  • The Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992 and 2003 and the Waste Management Acts 1996 to 2003, The Litter Pollution Act 1997 to 2009, the Air Pollution Act 1987,
  • Enforce ‘Producer Responsible’ Initiatives,
  • Know and understand the powers of authorised persons and the scope of relevant offences,
  • Draft clear and effective statutory notices, warning letters and investigation reports,
  • Best practice in setting up an investigation,
  • Understand an investigation log and how to keep one,
  • Investigate complaints / suspected offences in compliance with the rules of evidence,
  • Understand the types and rules of evidence,
  • Interview witnesses and suspects effectively and in accordance with their legal and constitutional rights,
  • Collection of evidence,
  • Prepare a full and proper file for the prosecution of an offence in the criminal  justice system either in the District Court (summary offences) or in the Circuit Court (indictable offences),
  • Prosecution reports,
  • Developing a consistent approach to enforcement and enforcement policy,
  • Understand the court process – the do’s and don’ts,
  • Confidence in appearing in court and giving evidence,
  • Experience a realistic investigative interview role play.

Meet the trainer – Janet Dalton


Janet grew up in Belfast and won a scholarship to Cambridge where she graduated in 1986 with a degree in Philosophy. She went on to convert to Law and practiced as a criminal Solicitor in London for...

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Waste Enforcement: Investigation & Prosecution 2-day course