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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is a pervasive phenomenon that influences decision-making processes in both public and private organisations. La Touche Training offers a comprehensive course on unconscious bias that equips individuals and organisations with the necessary tools to mitigate bias and foster a more inclusive environment.

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About this course

Unconscious Bias training will give you the skills required to recognise prejudgements and learn how to manage them. It will explain the types of bias, the impact these can have, and give you techniques to stop them from taking control.

Why Choose This Course

This course is relevant to all professionals.

Understand the difference between unconscious bias, prejudice and stereotyping, and understand the different types of bias.

Be aware of the impact unconscious bias can have on the workplace and decision-making.

Develop the skills needed to overcome unconscious bias in your role.

Course Syllabus

Key Learning Points:

  • What Is Unconscious Bias?
  • Impacts of Unconscious Bias
  • Five Types of Unconscious Bias
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias

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Your Trainer – Caroline Conroy

Solicitor and Training Consultant

Caroline is the founder of the leading Irish company, La Touche Training, which she established in Ireland in 1995. She ran the first ever specialised training programme for expert witnesses in...

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