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Traffic Warden Training

The Traffic Warden training course is aimed at staff of various local authorities in Ireland in relation to the operation of the parking system in towns.

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1 day
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About this course

La Touche Training courses are designed to be delivered with a high degree of input from attendees. Practical examples of situations faced by staff are welcomed in order to ensure that the training meets their needs. This approach provides the best way of analysing issues in enforcement cases and providing an opportunity to discuss the officers' concerns at a very practical level.

Why Choose This Course

The objectives of the training are:

To increase staff knowledge in relation to the legislation which covers the operation of parking systems.

To provide an opportunity to discuss the practical application of the legislation.

To examine methodology for the gathering of evidence including photographs, the hand held device, note taking and file preparation.

To increase confidence in the management of cases and the giving of evidence in court.

Course Syllabus

Introduction and Expectations

  • Delegates are given an opportunity to detail what they want from the course and highlight any concerns.

Governing legislation

  • Bye laws.
  • Local Authorities ( Traffic wardens ) Act 1975.
  • Brief overview to show the importance of the legislation in governing the work of the Traffic Warden.

Overview of the Courts system

  • Traffic wardens will gain an oversight of the legal system within which they operate and the expectations of the system.
  • Understanding evidence.
  • Observations.
  • Interaction with the public photos.
  • The importance of good evidence in the process.

Keeping contemporaneous notes/records

  • Putting the file together and the importance of keeping good records.

Giving evidence in Court

  • Appearing in Court.
  • Do`s and don`ts.
  • Cross examination.

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Traffic Warden Training