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The role of the prosecuting lawyer at trial

Presented by Mary Fenelon at the Regulatory Investigations Conference 2024

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About this course

Mary Fenelon, a prosecuting solicitor for the Law Society, outlines her role in regulatory investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

With over 30 years of experience, she handles cases from initial complaints to High Court appearances. Mary contrasts her meticulous private practice background with the often disordered files she now reviews. She emphasizes thorough investigations, accurate documentation, and the procedural steps leading to prosecution.

Mary also highlights the importance of ongoing training for regulatory bodies and clear presentation of evidence. She concludes by discussing fairness, procedural nuances, and the rights involved in disciplinary hearings, ensuring standards are upheld.

Course Syllabus

Mary has worked for the Law Society for over 30 years, handling regulatory prosecutions and appearing regularly before the High Court. She contrasts her previous role in commercial litigation with her current role, noting the initial culture shock of transitioning from a meticulous private practice to scrutinizing often less orderly files from other solicitors.

Mary explains the process of handling regulatory breaches, emphasizing the importance of thorough investigations and accurate documentation. She discusses the steps from initial complaints to the decision to prosecute, highlighting that prosecution is not punitive but a necessary part of upholding standards. Mary outlines the procedural aspects, including the involvement of investigating accountants, preparation of files, and the critical phase of deciding to prosecute.

She also touches on the need for ongoing training and updates on legislation for regulatory bodies, the importance of presenting clear and digestible evidence, and the role of professional witnesses. Mary concludes by discussing the procedural nuances and rights involved in disciplinary hearings, emphasizing fairness and thoroughness in the regulatory process.

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Meet the speaker – Mary Fenelon


Mary Fenelon is a Regulation solicitor who has worked in legal regulation for over 30 years.

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