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The Role of the Inhouse Legal Counsel in Regulatory Investigations

Presented by James O'Mahony at the Regulatory Investigations Conference 2024

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About this course

In this talk, James O'Mahony discusses the pivotal role of in-house legal counsel in regulatory investigations. He emphasizes their multifaceted responsibilities, from providing legal advice to ensuring procedural correctness. James underscores the importance of knowledge management and collaborative learning for effective regulatory compliance within organisations.

Course Syllabus

James O’Mahony discusses the multifaceted role of in-house legal counsel, particularly within regulatory frameworks. James, a seasoned solicitor with over 15 years of experience, elaborates on the increasing prevalence of in-house solicitors, noting that in 2022, 15% of all practicing solicitors worked in-house, reflecting their growing importance.

He explains that in-house legal counsel are integral to organisations, offering legal advice, ensuring compliance with best practices, and contributing to corporate governance. Their roles encompass acting as legal advisors, interfaces with external counsel, internal watchdogs, and strategic partners.

James highlights the detailed processes involved in regulatory investigations, particularly within the context of the Revenue Commissioners. He covers the steps of file assessment, ensuring investigations adhere to statutory procedures, and the importance of evidence and procedural correctness. Key tasks include reviewing files, ensuring proper authorisation and conduct of investigations, and assessing whether evidence meets the required legal standards.

Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of knowledge management and collaborative learning within organisations, advocating for the sharing of experiences and continuous professional development to enhance the effectiveness of in-house legal teams in regulatory environments.

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Meet the speaker – James O’Mahony

Solicitor with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners

James O’Mahony is a solicitor with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners.

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