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Successful Local Authority Prosecutions

Local Authority Prosecution training is a series of highly practical and experiential day long training programmes designed for local authority staff.

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About this course

This training programme includes the File Preparation for Local Authority Prosecutions course (Day 1) and the Courtroom Skills for Local Authority Prosecutions (Day 2). Both training days can be taken as stand-alone modules or together at a discounted rate.

Course Syllabus

File Preparation for Local Authority Prosecutions – Day 1

Our training programme is delivered by lawyers for local authority staff working in the area of enforcement.

It ensures that local authority staff have a clear understanding of what is required of them during the prosecution process and how to prepare a successful prosecution file from start to finish.

It is specifically designed for those responsible for gathering evidence, interviewing suspects / witnesses, taking and formatting witness statements, recording internal investigations, writing warning letters and reports and preparing prosecution files. Correct prosecution file management enables the legal team / state solicitor / DPP to fully appreciate the complexities of the case, so they may issue just directions on it and ultimately enables the prosecution’s case to stand up to challenge in the courtroom. Poor prosecution file management is often the reason why staff have ‘nothing to show’ for an otherwise successful investigation.

Courtroom Skills for Local Authority Prosecutions – Day 2

A highly intensive and practical day, where the procedures in giving evidence, the order of events, the roles of different people in the court and the process of giving evidence will be explained. The techniques lawyers use to disconcert and discredit witnesses will also be examined.

The morning session is designed to demystify the process of giving evidence, whereas in the afternoon session a number of delegates will experience being cross-examined by a lawyer on a fictional case study.

The trainer will give constructive feedback on some of the delegates witness box presentations and delegates will learn through observation and review.

Many witnesses find the witness box to be a lonely place. Our adversarial system means that cross examination can be uncomfortable. Doubt can be cast upon your experience, qualifications, methods and opinions.

The session is designed to ensure that those who may have to give evidence undergo a process of familiarisation or review to gain knowledge of the procedures involved and to equip them with the necessary skills to give a coherent account from the witness box.

These courses are accredited by Engineers Ireland.

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Successful Local Authority Prosecutions