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Statement, Note Taking and Report Writing

Improve your professional writing skills with our Statement, Note Taking and Report Writing Training. Learn how to write clear, concise and effective reports.

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About this course

Written evidence is a vital part of any investigation. In many cases, having top quality written evidence can prevent a case going to court.

Course Syllabus

Learn how to improve the content, structure and style of your statements and reports as well as adopting a best practice approach to note taking.

On completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the importance of an investigation log and how to use it,
  • Understand the importance of contemporaneous notes and how to make them,
  • Learn how to keep an Officer’s notebook,
  • Learn how to write a statement,
  • Learn how to structure and take an accurate statement from a witness,
  • Understand layout and formalities,
  • Learn how to write different types of reports,
  • Be able to insulate written evidence against cross examination,
  • Develop a consistent and best practice approach to reports,
  • Learn how to use exhibits / appendices / photos /plans / maps,
  • Develop an objective and critical eye in relation to written evidence.

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The Ultimate Guide to Statement, Note Taking and Report Writing