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Root Cause Analysis and Report Writing

Learn the different analysis techniques such as Ishikawa/fishbone diagrams, barrier analysis, fault tree analysis and failure mode and effects analysis.

1 day
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About this course

Why do accidents happen? Is it the fault of the individual, the worker who neglected to connect his harness when scaling a roof, or is it the fault of his manager who should have supervised his duties? Is it the fault of the HSEQ officer in failing to train the worker on how to use PPE at work, or is it ultimately the responsibility of management who opted not to fund health and safety training?

Accidents that keep occurring are not solely the responsibility of the individual involved and usually have more deep-seated causes. Defending a personal injury claim is an expensive, sometimes ruinous, business, so safeguarding against accidents and protecting workers and the public is paramount in keeping an enterprise afloat. Yet how can you safeguard against that which you don’t know? Why do accidents keep happening? Until you root out and identify the underlying causes an organisation is doomed to repeat its failings.

Root cause analysis (RSA) is a method of problem solving used to identify and resolve underlying problems. Originally developed in the manufacturing industry as a means of boosting production in the 19th century, it’s methods and techniques have been expanded and adapted to a broad range of industries, from science and engineering, from medicine, human resources and health and safety.

La Touche Training provide an intensive one-day training programme in the key components of root cause analysis. Delegates will be introduced to different analysis techniques such as using Ishikawa/fishbone diagrams, barrier analysis, fault tree analysis and failure mode and effects analysis.

Once root causes have been identified, delegates will be trained on how to present the findings of their investigation and their recommendations for corrective action in a cogent, coherent written report.

Course Syllabus

This course covers the essential steps and techniques in investigating the root cause of an accident and then presenting their findings.

Key learning points:

  • Overview of incident investigation,
  • Types of evidence,
  • Difference between fact and opinion,
  • Interviewing witnesses,
  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis and core techniques,
  • 5 Whys Analysis,
  • Ishikawa/fishbone diagrams,
  • Barrier analysis,
  • Fault tree analysis,
  • Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA),
  • Pareto analysis,
  • Considering findings,
  • Recommending corrective action,
  • Overview of report writing,
  • Writing the investigation report,
  • Creating abstracts/executive summaries to capture audience attention,
  • Presenting report to stakeholders.

Who should attend this course:

  • HSEQ Officers
  • Company directors
  • Small business owners
  • Risk managers
  • Line managers
  • Claims assessors
  • Professional and expert witnesses

Available Dates

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23/10/2024 09:30 - 16:30

Zoom Online €395.00 12

Your Trainer – Alex Nichol

Solicitor, BCL, LLM, Dip Corp.

Alex Nichol, is a solicitor, and Programme Developer and Trainer with La Touche Training since August 2023. Alex studied law at UCD, where he completed a BCL degree in Law, followed by a Masters in...

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Root Cause Analysis and Report Writing