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Questioning and Communication Techniques

Improve your communication skills by mastering the art of questioning. This guide provides practical techniques and strategies to help you ask the right questions and engage in meaningful conversations.

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About this course

Professionals tasked with conducting a complaints investigation will often need to question a variety of people, including the complainant, a range of witnesses and those who are the subject of the complaint. These interviews will either be conducted face to face or over the telephone. Asking the right questions is crucial in ensuring such interviews are useful to the investigative process and are conducted fairly.

It is essential to have the requisite competencies to be able to undertake this role to best practice standards, to obtain key information to effectively deal with a complaint.

During this one-day course delegates will learn how to identify the issues around the complaint and effectively plan and structure appropriate interviews. They will consider a range of questioning techniques available to them. Delegates will also learn how to appropriately and sensitively handle witnesses who may be angry, upset and confused.

They will also take into consideration the impact of human factors when preparing an interview strategy or communicating with parties involved in the investigation process.

Through role-play and trainer-led constructive feedback this course will instil the fundamental principles and develop the delegates’ ability to carry out effective questioning and fact finding interviews.

Course Syllabus

Key learning points:

  • Planning and preparing a fact finding interview both face to face and over the telephone,
  • Being able to use different questioning techniques to establish the facts and to obtain all the available evidence,
  • Structuring interviews by applying the PEACE (planning, preparation, engage and explain, account, closure and evaluation) model and consider other interviewing models,
  • Evaluating the impact of human factors on the interview process,
  • Managing challenging behaviours.

Who should attend:

This course is suitable for anyone who may be tasked to undertake a complaints investigation including:

  • Complaints Investigators, Officers & Caseworkers,
  • Managers and other staff tasked with undertaking complaints investigations as part of their wider role,
  • Staff working in a complaints handling capacity for ombudsmen schemes and other dedicated complaints handling bodies,
  • Adjudicators.

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Learn effective questioning techniques that will enable you to gather information, solve problems, and build stronger relationships.