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Litigation Management Training

Learn the best practices and strategies to effectively handle litigation cases.

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About this course

Gain a practical understanding of the Irish legal system and the different types of cases you might have to deal with. Learn how to efficiently manage all stages of the legal process and liaise more effectively with legal advisers.

Why Choose This Course

Many legal disputes are settled without going to court. A significant amount of cases however still reach the final stages and many end up in a full hearing. Effective case management and preparation are therefore essential to ultimate success.

Gain a better understanding of the legal processes and what is required at each stage of the process.

Enhance better case management by staff members who handle legal cases.

Course Syllabus

An intensive and highly practical day, delivered by qualified and practicing lawyers.

The morning involves an in-depth look at our legal system and court system. It focuses on civil, criminal, and employment law procedure in detail, looking at the different types of cases and the different stages of proceedings including pleadings and interim applications. It also includes a look at the different remedies available and costs.

For staff who handle P.I. litigation, it examines in detail the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003, the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004, and their effect on the way that personal injuries litigation is processed.

The afternoon session will focus on the practical aspects of how best to deal with the legal team, whether providing instructions to them, preparing witness statements, completing affidavits, attending at settlement negotiations or complying with discovery requirements.

It will involve a detailed analysis of various types of sample pleadings to give staff a clear understanding of what is required to ensure the pleadings are correct.

Key learning points

  • How the adversarial system works,
  • The Irish Court System,
  • Civil & criminal procedure,
  • The procedural changes in personal injuries litigation,
  • Analysis of different types of pleadings,
  • Interim applications,
  • Discovery,
  • Costs,
  • How best to deal with your legal team.

Civil Servant, Irish Prison Service

The course met my expectations very well indeed and filled in a lot of gaps.

The course was delivered with professionalism and in a manner which all could understand.


Civil Servant, Public Sector

Exceeded my expectations, the course provided very valuable information.

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Develop the skills necessary to efficiently handle litigation cases.