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Governance in Professional Regulation

Dive into the world of governance in professional regulation. Learn about the frameworks, policies, and processes that ensure accountability and integrity in regulated professions.

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About this course

Governance plays a vital role in professional regulation. In this course you will discover the key principles and practices of effective governance.

Course Syllabus

This Governance training programme covers the following areas:

  • The relationship between right touch regulation and good governance,
  • What does good governance mean and look like for regulatory bodies,
  • Understanding the statutory role of regulators and their governing legislation,
  • The role and structure of statutory regulatory bodies,
  • Roles, duties, accountability and responsibilities,
  • The significance of the role of the Council or Board,
  • The role of the Registrar/ CEO,
  • The role of the executive,
  • The importance of strategic vision and a strategic plan,
  • Identifying the key risks and effective risk management,
  • The work of Committees,
  • Governance Codes and Guidance documentation,
  • The importance of effective working relationships,
  • Conducting Performance Reviews.
Paul Lyons

Interim Registrar, Dental Council of Ireland

The Dental Council has availed of the expertise within La Touche Training for a number of years,

We have grown to rely upon on them to help prepare our staff and Council/board members to undertake a range of key regulatory functions including Fitness to Practise. The feedback from our attendees on the value and thoroughness of the training provided has always been exceptional and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending La Touche Training as a training partner.

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Your Trainer – Caroline Conroy

Solicitor and Training Consultant

Caroline is the founder of the leading Irish company, La Touche Training, which she established in Ireland in 1995. She ran the first ever specialised training programme for expert witnesses in...

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Explore the importance of governance and its impact on professional regulation.