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Fire Safety and Building Control: Regulation, Investigation and Prosecution

This 3 module course is designed specifically for officers working in the area of fire safety and building control.

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3 days
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About this course

Building control officers will gain a clear understanding of the governing legislation, offences that may be prosecuted and the powers officers are afforded in this area. Officers will gain a good working knowledge of the notices that may be served, how to draft documents to best practice standards, how to undertake a successful investigation from start to finish including how to give clear effective evidence in court.

Why Choose This Course

The legal training is designed to give practical guidance to fire and building control officers and to instil in them the confidence and ability to collect, write and if necessary, give effective evidence in legal proceedings. The course can be tailored according to the authority’s needs whether their officers are involved in fire investigations or have a regulatory role under the Building Control Acts.

Course Syllabus

The three module training course will enhance the officer’s knowledge and understanding of the legislation they work under. It will ensure the officers have a clear understanding of what powers the legislation affords them, what notices they can serve under the various acts and what offences they can prosecute under the legislation. The training will also teach best practice in written evidence (note taking, prosecution statements and reports) and give delegates an insight into the way in which lawyers scrutinise the evidence and challenge it under cross- examination.

Delegates will learn how to insulate their evidence and how to deal with the lawyers questioning techniques confidently and effectively during a mock court hearing. This legal training highlights the importance of distinguishing between facts and inferences and the sources of different types of evidence. The course can also develop knowledge of criminal law, evidence and the best practice procedure necessary for effective investigations and prosecutions under the Fire Services Acts and Building Control Acts.

Derek Whelan

Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Kildare Fire Service

I participated in the 3 day Fire Safety – Regulation and Prosecution – Essential Legal Skills course which I found to be very informative, relevant and beneficial for my work.

The relevant issues were identified to all participants in a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. Throughout the course the trainer was excellent and very capable of dealing with all arising issues. The course was successful at meeting and exceeding the pre-course expectations that I had.

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Fire Safety and Building Control