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Environmental Legislation

Learn a basic understanding of the key environmental statutes

Online / In Person
2 days
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About this course

This 2 day course will provide Local Authority staff with a basic understanding of the key environmental statutes. The course is designed to be an introduction for technical and administrative staff in the environmental area.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Law

Demonstrate knowledge of the different types of law and the legislative requirements for environmental law.

General Techniques for Environmental Management

Correctly describe the management of environmental media, the environmental regulatory system, and the various environmental standards.

Civil and Criminal Liability for Environmental Damage

Show an understanding of liability for environmental damage.

Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

Understand the requirements of Environmental Impact Assessments and Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments.

Habitats Protection

Accurately outline EU and international protection of habitats and how they are integrated into Irish law.

Waste Management Law

Have an in depth knowledge of Waste Management Law and the enforcement of Waste Legislation.

Water Pollution

Outline the relevant legislation dealing with water pollution, accurately describe the role of local authorities and Irish Water and understand the regulation of water pollution.

Human Rights and Environmental Rights

Demonstrate an understanding of the recognition of the human right to a healthy environment and how local authorities give effect to it.

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Introduction to Environmental Legislation