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Environmental Inspection Skills

‘Environmental Protection’ encompasses a broad range of activities for the purpose of protecting the environment. Underpinned by legislation at EU and national level, Environmental Protection is enforced mainly by Local Authorities.

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About this course

Carrying out the work of monitoring and enforcing legislation, Environmental Inspectors are endowed with a broad range of powers. To execute their environmental protection responsibilities, Local Authorities require an effective regulatory framework and a well-trained and efficient enforcement workforce.

The training is aimed at local authority staff, engineers and technicians working under waste management and environmental legislation.

Local Authority Environmental Inspection functions include:

- Waste / Litter / Batteries / Tyres / Producer Responsible Initiatives / Food Waste and Recycling
- Air Pollution / Odour / Deco Paint and Solvents / Petroleum Vapours / Solid Fuels
- Noise Pollution
- Diesel / Fuel Laundering
- Monitoring permits/registration for all involved in collecting/disposing/recovering waste
- Monitor the magnitude and impacts of accidental pollution; e.g. Contaminated Land
- Farm Inspections - Cross-reporting of non-compliances to the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine
- Monitoring discharge licensing of trade and sewage effluents

Course Syllabus

This 2-day training programme is tailored to environmental enforcement investigations. It is designed to provide environmental inspectors with a clear insight into the regulatory and legal framework in which they work.

Each module is intense, highly practical and interactive where the attendees ‘learn by doing’. This training provides a structured development path for all investigators, giving them the necessary competencies to carry out their work effectively.

Attendees will learn about their powers, gain an understanding of governing legislation, collect evidence, document findings, how to present evidence in court and how to set up and run an investigation from start to finish.

Key Learning Points

  • Learn how to set up an investigation.
  • Gain a practical working knowledge of relevant legislation including The Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992 and 2003 and the Waste Management Acts 1996 to 2018 The Litter Pollution Act 1997 to 2009, the Air Pollution Act 1987 and relevant by-laws.
  • Clear understanding of powers and offences.
  • Enforce ‘Producer Responsible’ Initiatives.
  • Best practice in evidence gathering.
  • Develop the skills to conduct best practice investigative interviews.
  • Investigating complaints.
  • Improve standards of note taking, warning letters, statement and report writing.
  • Prepare a file for prosecution.

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Environmental Inspection Skills