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Employment Law: Rights, Investigations, Disputes and Redress

Discover the ins and outs of employment law, including rights, investigations, disputes, and how to seek redress. This course is your go-to resource for navigating the complexities of the workplace.

1 day
9:30am - 4:30pm
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About this course

Employment law is a critical part of business and has become increasingly complex in recent years. The employer/employee relationship in Ireland is heavily regulated by contract law, judicial precedent, domestic legislation and European Union directives, each conferring different rights and obligations on employers and employees alike.

This one-day employment law course is designed to equip delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of employment law and the recurring issues within the employer/employee relationship. It probes sources of Irish employment law, identifies the key players involved and discusses the various rights, duties and obligations arising within the contract of employment.

The training also focuses on areas of conflict, in particular; issues surrounding bullying and harassment, equal treatment and termination of employment. Finally, the course reviews the key changes to the employment landscape, educates on relevant legislation and provides awareness of what is happening in the different dispute resolution forums.

This training is particularly relevant to Lawyers, HR Professionals, Small Business Owners, Office Managers and others responsible for managing staff e.g. Team Leaders.

Course Syllabus

The legal training is highly practical with a number of activities and case studies used during the programme.

Key Learning Points

On completion of this programme, delegates will:

  • Be up to date with recent changes in Employment Law,
  • Understand key aspects of Employment Law,
  • Identify potential issues within your organisation,
  • Pre-empt difficulties that may arise,
  • Ensure your organisations policies and procedures are at best practice standards,
  • Understand the consequences of non-compliance with employment legislation,
  • Be able to answer employment related queries within your organisation,
  • Be able to apply best practice resolutions.

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