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Dog Warden Training

This one-day intensive training programme provides expert legal guidance to dog wardens on the scope of their duties and powers. It will also give them the skills to identify prosecutable cases, undertake lawful investigation and prepare a file for successful prosecution.

9:30am - 4:30pm
1 Day
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About this course

Local Authorities have a statutory responsibility for dog control under multiple Acts, regulations and bye-laws. Under these pieces of legislation, Local Authorities appoints Dog Wardens who have many powers including the power to impose fines and the power to prosecute. Despite these powers fines, enforcement and convictions rates are still relatively low compared to the amount of dog related complaints received.

Why Choose This Course

Legislation covered in this training programme include:

Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013

Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010

Control of Dogs Act 1986-2010

Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 and relevant bye laws

Course Syllabus

This training day will provide:

Expert legal guidance on the Dog Warden’s powers of enforcement including:

  • Legislation: understand the acts, regulations and bye laws that empower the Dog Warden,
  • Confidently identify offences and breaches / non-compliance of legislation,
  • Enforcing dog related legislation,
  • Issuing fines / penalties / notices / orders,
  • Investigating complaints in line with current legislation,
  • Compiling the case file in line with current legislation,
  • Prosecution and Control Orders,
  • Witness in court proceedings where necessary,
  • Liaising and working alongside other agencies, such as, animal welfare organisations, Gardaí, Government Departments.

An overview of dog warden’s principal accountabilities including:

  • Dog health and welfare,
  • Dog breeders,
  • Stray, dangerous or unlicensed /un-microchipped dogs,
  • Dog fouling or noise pollution,
  • Worrying livestock,

It is also the role of the Dog Warden to educate the public about their role and legal responsibilities as pet owners. This might involve them visiting local schools to try and educate the children about the responsibilities involved in owning a pet.

Ashleigh Daly

Community Warden, Meath County Council

The day was brilliantly done, excellent knowledge of all topics and questions asked were answered with minimal effort.

Interactive and friendly throughout. Would highly recommend this course. Notes were clear and concise and all information was relevant to our jobs. Thank you so much.

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Meet the trainer – Judy Peters

Solicitor and Training Consultant

Judy is La Touche Training’s lead investigation trainer and regularly works with our wide client base including Government Agencies, Regulatory Bodies, Local Authorities, Commercial Clients and Law...

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Dog Warden Training