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Courtroom Skills Training

Enhance your courtroom skills with our comprehensive training program. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every aspect of the legal process.

9:30am - 5pm
1 day
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About this course

A highly practical and experiential legal training course designed for any professional who may be called upon to give evidence in any legal forum; civil or criminal. Delegates will learn how to present evidence under cross-examination by looking at the theory, practice & procedure of giving evidence and will then practice their skills in a cross-examination roleplay.

Why Choose This Course

Many witnesses find the witness box to be a lonely place. Our adversarial system means that cross-examination can be uncomfortable. Doubt can be cast upon your experience, qualifications, methods and opinions.

The session is designed to ensure that those who may have to give evidence undergo a process of familiarisation or review to gain knowledge of the procedures involved and to equip them with the necessary professional witness skills to give a coherent account from the witness box.

Course Syllabus

The courtroom skills training course is an intensive and highly practical day. The procedures in giving evidence, the order of events in court, the roles of different people in the court and the process of giving evidence will be explained. The techniques lawyers use to disconcert and discredit witnesses will also be examined.

The morning session is designed to demystify the process of giving evidence. In the afternoon session delegates will experience being cross-examined by a lawyer on a fictional case study. The trainer will give constructive feedback on their particular witness box presentation.

Key Learning Points

  • How the adversarial system works,
  • The procedures, order of events and roles of those in the adversarial systems,
  • How to prepare for giving evidence,
  • Taking the oath/affirmation with confidence,
  • Techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to handle them,
  • How to give clear, honest and objective evidence,
  • How to make appropriate use of supporting evidence, documents and notes when giving evidence,
  • How to give confident and clear testimony under cross-examination.

Available Dates

Course DatesLocationPriceSpaces LeftBook

19/06/2024 09:30 - 17:00

Zoom Online €535.00 0 Full

25/09/2024 09:30 - 17:00

Zoom Online €535.00 3

20/11/2024 09:30 - 17:00

Zoom Online €535.00 8

Enable Ireland

The facilitator was extremely competent and balanced, being both personable and professional.

It could seem difficult to deliver a programme such as Courtroom skills via online platform, however the message was conveyed well and received without issue.


Kilkenny MHS

The training was above expectations and delivered in a very relatable manner.

The facilitator was very good at answering any questions asked by participants.

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