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Court Accompaniment Training

Enhance your court accompaniment skills with our comprehensive training course. Learn how to support and empower your clients through the legal process.

Online / In Person
1 day
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About this course

Do you accompany and support your clients in attending court? This one day interactive training session has been designed to provide you with a clear insight into the legal framework within which you will operate when accompanying your client to court.

You will be looking at the relevant law, procedures and rules of evidence that may impact on your client. You will also be learning and applying best practice in court accompaniment and learning by doing from. You will receive feedback and support from your peers and the trainer.

Course Syllabus

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand our Legal and Court System,
  • Understand The Jurisdiction of the Courts,
  • Learn about Criminal Offences and Criminal Procedure,
  • Learn about Case Procedure and Trial Procedure,
  • Understand the “In Camera Rule”,
  • Be aware of the Special Measures for Complainants,
  • Be clear on the District Court Procedure,
  • Be clear on Central Criminal Court Procedure,
  • Understand Witnesses and Evidence,
  • Be able to give guidance to a Witness Attending Court,
  • Understand the issues around Confidentiality – Disclosure of Notes,
  • Write clear, intelligible Records/Notes.

Your Trainer – Our Expert Trainers

La Touche Training Expert Trainers

We work with a wide panel of specialist trainers, all chosen based on their experience and knowledge, experience both in practice and as trained trainers. The majority of our trainers are experienced...

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