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Certified Cyber Investigator

Cybercrime is on the rise, and certified cyber investigators are in high demand. Discover the qualifications needed to become a certified cyber investigator.

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About this course

The Cyber Investigator is far more than a conventional investigator with a few technical skills thrown in. Almost every crime or hostile incident in 2024 involves some level of technology – it could be evidence on a mobile device, social media, a website or material held on a computer. It is imperative that all digital material that could eventually feature as evidence in a trial or tribunal is identified, acquired, examined and produce in accordance with legal principles and international standards and best practice.

Cyber Investigators need to understand all investigative processes, with an additional knowledge of Internet activity, computer and digital data, computer networks and digital forensic practices. The problem with digital evidence is that it is invisible to the eye, complex, easily damaged and difficult to present and explain.

Our training packages reflect the challenging transition from Investigator to Cyber Investigator, providing the required knowledge, skills and competencies, using a modular approach.

This hands-on and immersive workshop-driven course is suitable for those who investigate serious and complex Cyber Enabled and Cyber Dependent Crime.

Why Choose This Course

Cyber investigation now forms part of almost all criminal and civil investigations. This creates the need for investigators to have a level of understanding of cyber investigation that allows them to exploit digital evidence in fast time and use what they discover to move an investigation forward quickly to ensure the capture of further evidential material.

It is essential that investigators are able to undertake this work competently, effectively and safely and produce evidence that can withstand scrutiny.

La Touche Training has developed two qualifications, designed by leading experts, to ensure that those who are involved in cyber investigations have the knowledge, skills and confidence to conduct a digital investigation into any type of criminal activity or incident that could occur in the cyber environment or in support of conventional investigations.

This qualification is designed to:

Equip learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out cyber investigations competently and in line with current best practice standards.

Allow learners to demonstrate their competency in achieving a nationally recognised qualification, should they be challenged in court or tribunal.

Ensure that learners can offer support and advice to colleagues around the cyber related opportunities in ongoing investigations.

Provide learners with an engaging and immersive learning experience, where new skills can be practised and developed in a safe and controlled environment.

Course Syllabus

Course Content

  • Conduct enhanced Internet investigations using Open Source Intelligence.
  • Identify, secure and preserve digital evidence.
  • Technical tools used in the commission of cybercrime.
  • Methods used by Fraudsters and Hacktivists and how to conduct investigations against them.
  • The role of the Deep and dark Web in cybercrime.
  • Handling and investigation of Unix / Apple based systems.
  • Describe the international organisations and partners that can support a complex cybercrime investigation.
  • Prepare and present case papers to a prosecutor as they relate to a complex cybercrime investigation.
  • Cyber Crime Investigator Psychological & Human Factors.

By completing this course you will obtain two levels of qualification:

Part 1: BTEC Level 5 Professional Award in Cyber Investigation – 4 days – can be booked separately

  • Next dates TBC – please contact us
  • Cost: €2,650
  • Venue: Ormond Meeting Rooms

Part 2: BTEC Level 5 Certified Cyber Investigation (CCI) – 4 days – can be booked separately when Part 1 has already been completed.

  • Dates: September 23rd & 24th, October 21st & 22nd, 2024
  • Cost: €2,650
  • Venue: Ormond Meeting Rooms

Who should attend

Any investigator who undertakes or supports investigations where computers networks, phones or other digital technology may feature, as well as those who wish to ‘future proof’ their current investigative practices.

The programme is also suitable for those who manage and direct cyber specialists involved in investigations.

It is recommended that those attending this programme have some prior knowledge of or training in open source internet investigations.

Sarah Goodburn

Risk Investigator, eBay

I recently completed the BTEC 5 in Cyber Investigations and found the entire experience delightful.

The level of detail and information delivered by the very knowledgeable trainers was second to none. The training team are available for additional support when needed and happy to answer any questions throughout the training. After completing the course I feel confident to use the new skills and knowledge I acquired which I am already seeing positively impacting my current role. I would highly recommend the course, tutors and La Touche Training if you are looking to develop your skills and understanding of Cyber Investigations.

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Meet the trainers

Jon Blake

Internet and Cyber Investigator and Consultant

Tony Bennett

Senior Associate Trainer and Consultant, MSc. Computer Forensics

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