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Building Performance in Your Firm Webinar

Building Performance in Your Firm: How to grow productivity & profit by engaging and motivating your people.

1.5 CPD Hours: Professional Development & Solicitor Wellbeing
On-Demand Webinar
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About this course

Professional development and solicitor wellbeing webinar presented by Julie Hutchison, Leadership, Team Performance & Impact Coach, Think Be Do Leadership.

Course Syllabus

Julie will be discussing the importance of engaging and motivating your team as you grow your business. She will share with us the 3 crucial elements of The Team Performance Engine™, the system that you can apply to enable you to create capable, collaborative and committed people around you, so that you can build your business without having to do all the work.

She will also be diving into one of the elements to share how you can use DISC Behavioural Profiling to help you understand the motivations and mindset of your people.

Whether you have a team already, are looking to grow, or just want to build better relationships with your clients, you will be able to apply these principles for better performance.

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31/12/2024 00:00 - 00:00

On-Demand Webinar €75.00 243

Meet the speaker – Julie Hutchison

Leadership, Team Performance & Impact Coach, Think Be Do Leadership

Julie is an award-winning Leadership & Impact Coach helping Technical Experts and Professionals to develop impact, leadership skills and team performance.

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Building Performance in Your Firm