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Anti Social Behaviour: How to Initiate Legal Action

Dealing with anti-social behaviour can be challenging, but taking legal action is an effective way to address the issue.

9:30am - 4:30pm
2 days
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About this course

Anti-Social Behaviour continues to be a challenging issue for local authorities. In the current environment with increasing demands on housing lists, local authority staff are under more pressure to address cases of anti-social behaviour.

Local Authority Staff go to great lengths to address cases of anti-social behaviour through non-legal solutions in line with the good practice guidelines set out in “Preventing and Combating Anti-Social Behaviour”. However, in a number of cases, such measures fail and housing officers have no option but to take steps to exclude individuals from rented accommodation or to terminate the tenancy. At times this is the only viable option left to combat anti-social behaviour. The Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014 has incorporated fair procedure principles putting them on a statutory footing. This will mean that all steps and procedures under the Act must be followed.

Why Choose This Course

Many statutory agencies grossly underestimate the importance and significance of providing legal training to officers charged with enforcing legislation. Not only must officers know the law, they need to gain key skills and competencies in its application.

This includes understanding the application of the relevant powers, knowing how to investigate different offences, interviewing witnesses, issuing warnings and if appropriate proceeding to prosecution, applying the rules of evidence and understanding how the criminal justice system works.

This legal training course will give delegates the practical knowledge and the confidence to greatly improve their ability to meet their civil enforcement and investigation obligations and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

This course can also be run specifically for your organisation, which is a good option for training a large number of employees cost-effectively.

La Touche Training regularly delivers this legal training in-house for local authorities throughout the country. Training can be run at a time, date and venue suitable to you.

Course Syllabus

This intensive 2-day experiential in-house legal training course will cover what a local authority must now do under Part 2 of the Act in order to terminate a tenancy.

Course Modules

Module 1:

This day will examine the processes and procedural steps that must be followed together with the evidence required under Part 2 of the 2014 Act to terminate a tenancy. In particular, it will look at the level of investigation and evidence required, and the statutory notices and proofs that will be essential to succeed in an application under the 2014 Act.

Module 2:

The follow-on day will cover the procedures in court when an application for a termination of tenancy is brought under Part 2 of the Act. It will cover the procedures in court on the day, professional witness training skills and likely challenges to the application.

Course attendees should note that they will be asked to provide a case study (not a live case) prior to course commencement, for use at the course.

Who should attend

Housing officers and all local authority staff who have to deal with termination of tenancies and dealing with anti-social behavioural issues in rented accommodation.

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Are you tired of dealing with anti-social behaviour? Learn how to take legal action