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Advocacy for the Employment Courts

Advocacy is a vital skill in the employment courts. This course provides valuable insights and strategies to help you become an effective advocate in these legal proceedings.

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About this course

This practical, hands-on advocacy training course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out this role and will give you a greater understanding of how cases must be prepared.​

Course Syllabus

If you’re involved in employment court cases and want to enhance your advocacy skills, this course is for you. Discover proven strategies and expert advice to excel in the courtroom.

Key learning points:

  • Prepare to appear in the relevant venue by establishing relevant law, issues, facts, evidence and case theory,
  • Make effective use of documentary and oral evidence,
  • Deal with pre-trial disclosure,
  • Understand how to properly address the relevant venue and develop skills in relation to examination-in-chief and cross-examination,
  • Perform as an advocate, using an appropriate structure, content, persuasion, and delivery.

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Looking to improve your advocacy skills in the employment courts?