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Advanced Open Source Internet Investigations

Training delivered by Jon Blake, Director of Cyber & Intelligence with Platinum 3P and reserved for Local Authority employees.

2 half days
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About this course

Highly interactive online course designed to provide investigators with the core skills to use the internet effectively and lawfully when conducting investigations.

Delegates will learn how to maximise evidence that can be sourced from the internet to further their investigations.

This course should be taken as a follow up of the Open Source Internet Investigations 2 half day course.

Course Syllabus

In the previous Open Source Internet Investigations course you learnt:

  • Best Practice
  • Communication Profiles
  • Online Investigation Planning and Safety
  • Web Browsers
  • Web Searching
  • Online Databases
  • Evidence Capture
  • Investigating Digital Images
  • Introduction to Social Media Investigation
  • Legislation relating to online investigations

By attending the Advanced course you will delve into:

  • Enhanced Social Media Investigation including building Investigation (false) SM Accounts
  • Investigating Emails
  • Handling Digital Evidence and Producing in Court
  • Interactive Exercise using all the skills above

Your Trainer – Jon Blake

Internet and Cyber Investigator and Consultant

Jon Blake has over 25 years’ detective experience as an investigator and covert intelligence operative with the Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, London.

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Unlock the Full Power of Open Source Internet Investigations